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Our CSR Policy

SES's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is to continually strive to find ways to help and enhance the communities, where we are engaged with our building projects, during the everyday course of conducting our construction business.

We will endeavour to be conscious, at all times, of the impact that our actions have in respect of the environment and will always try to make the right decisions to be 'socially and environmentally accountable'.

Our CSR Drive at South East Steel

Our CSR Drive

Our Directors and Staff are all fully committed to our simple CSR policy, we love 'working with our communities' and are always ready to discuss ways that our business can help community projects and communities.

Our CSR team is constantly researching the communities, local to our projects, to look for ways that we can help. A sample of our CSR activities will be recorded on our social media pages here:

ISO 26000

To assist Companies to become more socially responsible, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a guide to voluntary standards for CSR in 2010 known as ISO 26000. The 'standards' were produced to serve as a set of suggestions, rather than requirements. ISO 26000 can be found here:

Thumbnail image of the ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibilty PDF