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About SES

SES are a team of experienced professionals who work to deliver an innovative approach to design, supply and construction that rivals all current construction and procurement methods.

Throughout the programme of works we bring expert knowledge whilst focusing on the customer's requirements which drives everything.

About SES at South East Steel

Sequence, Safety and Efficiency

Consideration of construction sequence, safety and efficiency is built in from the first conceptual sketches onwards. At no time do we lose sight of either our product or the customer’s needs and agreed expectations.

Within our team we have specialists in all pre-contract elements, ground work, steel erection, cladders, internal fitters etc. Where required we contract and operate closely with specialists e.g. renewables.

Products and Supply Chain Solution

We work with client's concepts or existing designs to optimise and economise a supply-chain-led solution. Our thorough pricing process brings extreme clarity on project costs at a very early stage. Our input on design and pricing in the early phases always proves cost effective.

Our experience and processes allow us to propose innovative solutions which are typically left undiscovered by traditional ‘design and build’ methods due to the lack of integration between professionals and product awareness.