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Construction Innovators

With each project we will understand your requirement and use our expert knowledge of products, supply-chain, design & engineering, construction methods and financial planning from concept to completion. Our approach removes uncertainty and reduces the burden of excessive up-front costs, we provide clarity and confidence to a level that traditional procurement methods cannot rival.

Whether you're an individual looking to create an investment opportunity or a seasoned developer wanting to work smarter, from an industrial unit or estate through to bespoke and statement buildings - we can help.

About SES

SES are a team of experienced professionals who work to deliver an innovative approach to design, supply and construction that rivals all current construction and procurement methods.

Throughout the programme of works we bring unrivalled knowledge and expertise whilst focusing on the customer's needs which drives everything.

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About SES at South East Steel
Our Approach at South East Steel

Our Approach

Our approach method works with developers, main contractors, or directly for clients to deliver fully integrated projects.

We aim to bring optimal value to each project from concept to delivery; undertaking design development, pre-contract tasks, project management, H&S etc.

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Our Senior Team

Our senior team have been working together since 2008, delivering a diverse range of projects across all construction sectors throughout the UK. Our roles within our processes always overlap, but seamlessly, as we each have knowledge of the complete construction programme, but are equally aware of our areas of expertise.

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Our Senior Team at South East Steel
Our CSR Policy at South East Steel

Our CSR Policy

Whilst our business, procurement and construction processes are undoubtedly innovative, our approach to relationships and community is very traditional. SES is a group of very traditional people, with high moral values, who really enjoy assisting others.

SES's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is not planned or driven to enhance share price or to attract custom, our structured CSR programme is designed purely to give back to the areas where we operate, by working with the communities where our projects are located, and by attempting to make things a little better for a few.

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