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Our Approach

We seek early involvement in projects, the earlier the better.

Our approach method works with developers, main contractors, or directly for clients to deliver fully integrated projects from concept to handover.

We aim to bring optimal value to each project from concept to delivery; undertaking design development, pre-contract tasks, project management, H&S etc.

Our Approach at South East Steel

Clarity to Financial Planning

At each stage we will provide detailed pricing, this brings clarity to financial planning and design development alike. We can often provide preliminary work without charge, or heavily subsidised, to assist getting projects underway.

SES has worked with the supply chain for years as clients and as contractors. This provides us with the most competitive pricing available, and a full understanding of the available products and their relevant specifications (thermal, robustness, fire etc). Our supply chain integration allows us to ensure that all decisions are costed decisions.


Innovation forms a regular part of our work with prototype development, university testing and supply chain up-skilling featuring prominently in our projects.

When we discuss design and pricing, there is no abstraction - we price specific products, at market rates, installed to best practices, by our teams. Using our proprietary automated tools and software we achieve the highest degree of confidence in the pricing and designs we offer.