Our aim is to provide the best 'value for money' proposal that you will receive.

This doesn't mean we will provide the cheapest quote, nor does it mean that we will be more expensive than our competitors, what we strive to provide is the most ecconomical way of providing the steel building that you need to match your requirements.

In the steel building industry there are many ways to make steel buildings cheaper, for example by changing the class of your steel building from Industrial standard (BS 6399) to a lower specification agricultural class, with occupancy restrictions, we can reduce prices by up to 30%.

The cost saving choices should be yours.

Reducing the size of the supporting steels at the gable ends of your building will save material costs. Not reccomending and not completing a site survey or not performing a full structural calculation report (against our reccomendation) will save administration and paper costs, but each of these savings will have implications, these should be considered.

These implications can only be considered if you are aware of them.

Savings can be made by supplying the Steel Building in kit form, delivery only, for self assembly or for installation by local contractors, this could save up to 30% off of the initial costs, but again, this comes with implications to consider and the chance of additional costs in the long run, our experience in this area demostrates this.

As a company we do not dismiss any opportunities to save you money, but we would prefer the decision to be yours when you are aware of and have considered the implications of that saving. For instance, you may save £2,000.00 by opting for Agricultural Class 3 on your new tractor shed, but this will restrict occupancy to a maximum of 1 person for 2 hours per day and will reduce the design life of the building from 50 years to 10 years, this would be a bad choice if you needed greater use of the building.

Equally, you could save £350.00 by not having structural calculations performed, but this could prove very costly if there were any future building issues corncerning the structural performance of the building. By adding extra bracing, supports and brackets we can reduce the size of the supporting steels and therefore save initial material costs, but this will reduce headroom, reduce the capacity of the building and may lead to the building being impractical for its intended purpose... And so on...

As a business we are very protective of our ethos and 'aim' and are very willing to state that 'we would never knowingly be beaten on price, if comparing like-for-like', unfortunatley, in most circumstances, you will be unaware of your options selected to reduce the price of your building!

Every option to save money on your building will come with a compromise, we will explain this and make it your choice when we provide an estimate.

This is how we achieve our aim.

So, 'What makes South East Steel different'?

Your Building is Your Choice!